10 Best-Selling Coin Collecting Books of All Time 

10. The World Encyclopedia of Coins and Coin Collecting

9. The Dirty Little Secrets About? Cleaned? Coins: A Common Sense Handbook on Coin Cleaning

8. Warman's Coins & Paper Money Identification and Price Guide

7. Cherrypickers' Guide to Rare Die Varieties of United States Coins, Volume 2 Half Dimes Throug Gold, Commemoratives, and Bullion Coinage

6. Warman's U.S. Coin Collecting

5. The Everything Coin Collecting Book All You Need to Start Your Collection And Trade for Profit

4. Warman's U.S. Coins & Currency Field Guide

3. Jefferson Nickels 1970-2015 Collector's Jefferson Nickels Folder

2. Coin Folders Dimes Mercury, 1916-1945

1. State Quarter 1999-2009 Collector's State Quarter Folder