10 Oldest Banks in America 

10. Chemung Canal Bank Year Established: 1833 Headquarters:  Elmira, New York Founder(s):  Unspecified

9. WSFS Bank Year Established: 1832 Headquarters:  Wilmington, Delaware Founder(s):  group of Wilmington community leaders and businessmen

8. National Bank of Middlebury Year Established: 1831 Headquarters:  Middlebury, Vermont Founder(s):  charter granted by Vermont General Assembly

7. Bank of New Hampshire Year Established: 1831 Headquarters:  Laconia, New Hampshire Founder(s):  charter signed by President Franklin Pierce

6. Dedham Institution for Savings Year Established: 1831 Headquarters:  Dedham, Massachusetts Founder(s):  Unspecified

5. Liberty Bank Year Established: 1825 Headquarters:  Middletown, Connecticut Founder(s):  Unspecified

4. Citibank Year Established: 1812 Headquarters:  New York City, New York Founder(s):  group of New York merchants

3. Chase Bank Year Established: 1799 Headquarters:  New York City, New York Founder(s):  Aaron Burr (Bank of the Manhattan Company); John Thompson (Chase National Bank); and John Pierpont Morgan (JP Morgan)

2. State Street Corporation Year Established: 1792 Headquarters:  Boston, Massachusetts Founder(s):  chartered by Governor John Hancock

1. The Bank of New York Mellon Year Established: 1784 Headquarters:  Manhattan, New York City, New York Founder(s):  Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr (Bank of New York); and Thomas Mellon (Mellon Financial Corporation)