10 Popular Kashmiri Dishes You Must Try During Your Visit to Kashmir

Kashmir, frequently referred to as “Paradise on Earth,” captivates tourists with its magnificent vistas as well as their taste buds with a rich and diverse culinary tradition. The colorful culture of the area and the abundance of fresh ingredients from the rich valleys and many rivers are reflected in the traditional Kashmiri cuisine. We’ll introduce you to popular Kashmiri dishes that you simply must eat and will leave you craving for more in this blog post.

The lovely state of Kashmir is not only well-known for its beauty and tranquility, but it also provides genuine non-vegetarian cuisine. Due to the high use of spicy spices like cardamom, fennel, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and saffron, Kashmiri cuisines are mild in flavor. Popular Kashmiri dishes, which were influenced by the Mughals, are primarily non-vegetarian and use mutton, poultry, or fish as their main ingredients, but there are also some delicious vegetarian options!

What is the Specialty of Kashmir?

It is the only state in India with a unique flag. Dry fruits, Pashmina shawls, silverware, ethnic jewelry, and carpets are among Kashmir’s well-known exports. Numerous tourists from India and other nations visit Kashmir each year to take advantage of its stunning natural tourist attractions. Along with its stunning mountains, glaciers, gardens, and lakes, Kashmir is renowned for its people and their values.

What is the name of Kashmiri Thali?

Wazwan is a multi-course dinner that is unique to Kashmiri cuisine. All of the wazwan on a single platter, called majma. 

Rista Curry, Lahabi Kebab, Doudha Ras, Safed Kokur, and Muji Chetin are a few of them.

List of 10 Popular Kashmiri Dishes

Rogan Josh- a fragrant lamb curry

The flavorful curried meat dish rogan josh is a Kashmiri specialty. Alkanet flower and Kashmiri chilies are largely used to color and flavor the red meat, which is typically lamb, mutton, or goat.


One of the main courses of the Kashmiri multicourse dinner (the wazwan) and a mainstay of Kashmiri cuisine is rogan josh. The Mughals regularly traveled to Kashmir in the north of India, which has a cooler climate due to its height and latitude, to escape the oppressive summer heat of the country’s central Indian plains.

Best place to eat: 

Ahdoos Restaurant, Stream Restaurant, and Kareema Restaurant in Kashmir

Sheer Chai- Kashmiri noon chai

This tea concoction, also known as Gulabi Chai or Sheer Chai, is popular for its ability to keep people warm throughout the chilly winter months. Why, then, is it pink? The inclusion of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is one of many elements that give this tea its distinctive flavor and appearance. While the tea is brewed, the soda and tea react, giving the drink a lovely red hue. The brewed tea water must be vigorously beaten and aerated to add air to the mixture, which is also crucial to the mixture’s pink coloring.


It is believed to have its roots in the Kashmir Valley on the Indian subcontinent. However, other specialists believe that it originated in Yarkand, Turkestan, where Atkan chai is prepared with salt, milk, and butter.

Best place to eat:

Chai Jaai, Chai Point, Chai Garam Pocket Cafe in Kashmir

Tabak Maaz

A fundamental component of Kashmiri Wazwan, sometimes referred to as Kashmiri cuisine, is tabak maaz. Wazan is an extravagant spread of delicacies made with chicken, mutton, lamb, beef, fruits, and vegetables and cooked with a fragrant mixture of spices and herbs. 


One of the most popular Kashmiri dishes, sometimes referred to as Kashmiri cuisine, is tabak maaz. 

Best place to eat: 

SANGERMAAL RESTAURANT, Meazbaan Restaurant, Maaji_hinde_aath

Yakhni- light curry made with Lamb

The term “yakhni” relates to the Middle Ages or even earlier practice of cooking meat in water. It becomes a truly delectable experience with the inclusion of vegetables.


Yakhni rose to fame in Kashmir during Akbar’s rule. When the Emperor conquered Persia in 1586, he brought the yogurt-based meat curries of Persian cuisine to his new realm. The prevalence of the various northern Indian regional cuisines, which have subsequently developed into separate cuisines in their own right, can be attributed in large part to Akhbar.

 Turkish and Greek cuisines also have Yakhni dishes, however, Kashmiri Yakhni is distinguished by the lack of tomatoes. Since the Kashmiri pandits didn’t use onions and garlic when cooking, certain recipes also don’t include those items. Yakhni stood apart when nearly all Indian curry recipes use turmeric, onions, and tomatoes as the main ingredients.

Best place to eat: 

Kareema Restaurant, Noorani Restaurant, Nizam Restaurant Sallar

Roth- Kashmiri Food- Fried Cookie

Traditional Kashmiri food known as roth carries several cultural and religious connotations. Roth is a sweet cake, bread, or biscuit that contains a lot of dried fruits. It is especially crucial during the Pun festival, the most important religious celebration for the Kashmiri Pandit population. On the other hand, these Roths were ready to accompany the newlyweds during the wedding festivities. Roth is given to families to bring joy and happiness. Different regions have different methods for manufacturing Roth. With their cooking variants, Roth is well-known among Kashmiri Muslims and Pandits. when some natives fry in ghee while others bake in a tandoor.


To get God’s blessings for wealth and good fortune, Roth is prepared, and puja is done. Traditionally, the family’s elder member tells a traditional tale.

Best place to eat: 

KASHMIRI KONGPOSH WAZWAN, The Kashmiri Harisa, Kashmiri Wazwan in Kashmir


With cardamom pods, ginger, and pound-sized pieces of mutton, gushtaba is a curry that is cooked in a curd-based sauce. A traditional Kashmiri delicacy that is not vegetarian is gushtaba. Cooked in a delicious yogurt gravy are tender meatballs. This traditional Kashmiri delicacy is served during ceremonials and formal gatherings. On a Wazwan Feast, it is offered as the final meat course before the sweets. It would be really rude to turn down this dish from your hosts at the feast.


This traditional meal, which is a part of Kashmir’s culinary heritage, is frequently served at important events and ceremonial celebrations. Another delectable Kashmiri delicacy is gushtaba.

Best place to eat: 

The Hangout: cafè, Grill & Restaurant, Maaji_hinde_aath, Eat & Treat in Kashmir

Modur Pulav

Modur pulao is a delectable pulao that originates from Kashmir. It is ghee-cooked and packed with nuts and dried fruits. Usually, a spicy curry is offered alongside the pulao. Saffron is used as a spice and is used with basmati rice. This rice is especially rich and perfect for festivities because it is cooked in either milk, cream, or a mixture of the two.  


Its origins can be found in the Mughal era when Kashmir was under Mughal control. A lot of the meals that are popular in Kashmir today, such as Modur Pulao, include elements of the opulent cuisine that the Mughal rulers were famed for enjoying.

Best place to eat: Stream Restaurant, Moti Mahal Delux Restaurant, and Tasty Masty Restaurant in Kashmir

Aab gosht- Kashmiri Mutton Curry

Iranian stew is known as abgoosht. It is also known as dizi after the traditional stoneware crocks served with it. A “hearty mutton Persian soup thickened with chickpeas” is how some people describe it.


Sheep or goat ribs cooked in a sauce made of milk are known as aab gosht. This dish exemplifies the Persian culinary influence.

 Best place to eat:

Ahdoos Restaurant, Aab’s Kitchen, AabShar, Restaurant and Fast Food in Kashmir

Dum Aloo

In the traditional Kashmiri dish known as Kashmiri Dum Aloo, baby potatoes are first boiled, then fried, and finally put into a hot, flavorful yogurt gravy. This curry has a very distinct flavor because it is slightly flavored with dry ginger powder and fennel powder.


From its Whenua, the recipe for Kashmiri Dum Aloo made its way to Uttar Pradesh. There, a new variation of the meal called U.P Style Dum Aloo was created. With hot puris, the gravy dish is traditionally served.

Best place to eat:

Stream Restaurant, Ahdoos Restaurant, The Royal Kasperia

Kashmiri Rajma

This rajma, which is widely used in Kashmiri cooking, is thought to have a mild flavor. These well-liked beans are kidney-shaped, as their name suggests. These dark red beans are a favorite bean to use in simmered meals since they maintain their form and color exceptionally well throughout cooking and readily absorb surrounding flavors.


The Rajma has its roots in Central America. The beans were lightweight, had a long shelf life, and provided a lot of protein. As a result, when the Spanish and Portuguese came across them among the indigenous tribes of Mexico and Guatemala, they began transporting them on lengthy journeys. Because of this, kidney beans are also known as sailors’ favorite food.

Best place to eat: 

Kareema Restaurant, Stream Restaurant, Wazwan Ziyafat


You may have come across how much you are missing, including the mouthwatering specialties of Kashmiri cuisine, in addition to the majestic valleys and snow-capped mountains of the captivating north. The mouthwatering flavor is sufficient to satisfy your taste buds, but it will undoubtedly leave you craving more. We understand that you can’t help but daydream about the delectable dum aloo and succulent rogan josh. Therefore, don’t hesitate any longer and serve those delectable popular Kashmiri dishes to your family right away. Better still, visit Paradise to experience heaven yourself.

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